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    For power traders, wind farm operators and TSOs

  • Solar power

    For power traders, solar farm operators and TSOs

  • Hydro power
    inflow forecasts

    For power traders and hydro plant operators

  • Electricity consumption

    For power traders and TSOs

Our services

Power forecast

We provide probabilistic power forecasts for variable production and consumption for hours to days ahead. Our forecasts achieve up to 20% improvement compared to traditional forecasting methods.

Optimal trading

By modeling both forecast and price uncertainty, we optimize the risk/profit trade-off to provide decision-support for dispatching on day-ahead and intraday markets.


Using our SaaS application, traders and asset managers get a clear view of pre- and post-dispatch profits and imbalance costs. Reporting and settlement is easily integrated with other systems through our API.

Product family

We build decision support systems that help our customers across different power industries to get the most out of their assets.

How it works

Our system integrates data from several sources and processes it into actionable insights for our customers' daily operations.

Data hub

We have built an internal terabyte-scale data hub that continuously collects weather, production/consumption and power market data.

Machine learning

We provide probabilistic forecasts using advanced machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning and gradient boosting.


The probabilistic forecasts and optimization are used to calculate optimal decisions given our customers' risk/profit preference.

User interface

Our products are offered as simple to use SaaS products with intuitive interfaces and visualizations.


Data integration with our systems is simple thanks to our API or SFTP-server connections.


We always run parallel servers ensuring maximum reduncancy for our customers.

Weather data

Market data

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